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Check out these sample PRISM Personal and Professional profiles to see what's included. 

PRISM Team Diagnostic 
How does your team measure up against the 6 indicators of high performing teams? 
Do you know where your team's strengths and blindspots are, and how to accelerate performance?  
Give everyone a voice and find out how to work better together 
Each team member completes a confidential online questionnaire rating the team against 6 key areas and suggests improvements 
We produce an easy to read 13 page report comprising your results against benchmarks including your culture and team morale 
Commit to action and re-assess in 6 months to see your progress 
We manage the whole process, or if you have experienced in-house facilitators, we can run the reports and give you facilitator guidelines 

Check out what's included in Team Diagnostic report or download a sample report below. 


Is your engagement survey both insightful and action-orientated? 

Thrive in the new normal. Engage your staff in designing your future with the free 'Emerging Stronger' survey. 
We use the Engagement Multiplier system for our client surveys, as it is one of the simplest yet insightful frameworks we've seen. Most importantly, the focus is on helping you to shift the engagement dial, not just measure where it is


With a clear and simple interface and an intelligent, flexible question set around proven engagment indicators, it's really user - and mobile - friendly. Employee responses aren't associated with individuals so feedback is honest and insightful, and there is a 2-way anonymised dialogue facility to follow-up on comments. 
More than simply measuring engagement, you'll discover previously unknown insights and take action with clear focus. Create a 90 day plan to enhance engagment by sharing the results, their ideas and ownership with colleagues, then re-survey to check on progress. 
There is a free version so you can check it out, and they can support you as much or little as you need through the process.  
Click on the link below to open up a new page with more details on what's involved. 
Frequently asked questions 

How do you measure the impact of your initiatives to ensure they add value? 

To ensure that your investment is making a difference we measure a few things. For large projects, we check out the headlines with you prior to starting, such as your strategy or operational deliverables. We make sure we are all clear on where you are now and where you want to be, either through business metrics (growth and revenue figures, or operational deliverables) or people analytics (directly addressing attrition issues, absenteeism, or increased engagement following survey results). 
For coaching and leadership development, we build in measures such as self-assessment of behaviours, establishing goals, challenges and personal impact and we assess progress againt these regularly. 
Click here to see the some of the tools we use from PRISM Neuroscience. 

How do you make learning ‘stick’ beyond an event? 

There are some key steps we include that really make our learning ‘sticky’. Firstly, we like to engage people before the event, whether that’s through an assessment tool, one-to-one prep calls, informal meet-ups or pre-reading, as all of this helps participants to get in the right mindset and manage expectations. 
During events we go beyond skills, challenging and shaping beliefs and underpinning desired values to help shift perspective too. Afterwards, we find a way to build in a follow-up such as revisiting measures, tying into a current work initiative or habit, and holding people individually accountable for their actions. 

How do we know that the initiative has made a difference and behaviour has changed? 

We do three things: We ask them, we ask you (revisiting the business or people metrics we explored at the start) and we repeat the assessment tool we used at the start of the initiative. Any combination of these should give us a strong indication of how and where progress is being made. 

What are your fees? 

All too often there is mystery around fees in our industry, but we understand that you just want to know what the cost is so you can figure out your budget. 
To give you an idea, the investment for a one-day executive team insight event for 10 people is £2,400 (plus VAT and pre-agreed expenses). This includes all design, preparation and pre-engagement together with 10, in-depth PRISM Personal self-assessment reports and supporting post-event resources. Perhaps you're interested in how you measure up against other high performing teams across industries? Add on a Team Diagnostic Report for only £60 per person and we'll offer you a complimentary second diagnostic in 6-months time to see how and where your results have changed. 
Invest in a bespoke 12 month leadership development programme for your future leaders from between £12,000 - £18,000, including profiling, coaching, action learning and a series of high impact workshops. All designed to meet your needs and deliver tangible individual and business results. 
Our coaching packages start at £595 per person and include a comprehensive PRISM Professional self-assessment report and personal infographics capturing the outputs from the sessions to keep the learner on-track. 
For multi-faceted projects, we'll spend time talking to you to find out where you are now, where you want to be and the size and shape of solution that will work for you, before shaping ideas and options which are priced on a straightforward, bespoke basis. 

What is PRISM and why do you use it? 

We are big fans of the PRISM Neuroscience model, which is a versatile, high impact set of tools used for exploring behaviours and impact. For example, we can include as part of a self-assessment, a 360 degree feedback exercise, or a Team Diagnostic Survey, all delivering insightful reports that can help teams and individuals really understand where they excel, and where there is room to develop; giving a structure and direction of travel for their learning and growth. 

What is your facilitation and coaching style? 

At 42think we believe people learn most when we are supportive and gently challenging in equal measure, which is a theme in all of our initiatives. 
This can only happen in a safe, confidential and engaging environment, so it’s our job to make sure we provide the environment to let learning happen. Maximising participation and helping people through the learning cycle all ramp-up the capacity for change with individuals feeling motivated and accountable to make changes. 
Also, we are passionate about engaging every learner in the process, which means they know why they are there, what they want to achieve and have an insight into their impact and blind spots along the way. 

Where do you deliver development and team events? 

We support global clients onsite and have delivered events across many regions, however the majority of our events take place throughout the UK and other EU countries managed from UK based offices in London and Windsor. 

Why are you called 42think? 

Is the number 42 the answer to “life, the universe and everything”? Well, it may well be, but that’s not why we chose it. 
Exploring the results of a Cornell University social study, we discovered that 42% of respondents had withheld ideas or problems from their managers during the previous 12 months. Why? Because they thought there was no point in sharing; that nothing would change, or they were worried about personal ramifications. 
We were shocked by that statistic - what if an idea could have delivered additional market share? Or flagged a looming problem that could have saved millions? It’s good to share, but you need to feel it’s OK to speak up. 
If we can make a difference by helping leaders create the right environment and enable individuals to find their voice, we will have made a positive difference to both individuals and organisations. Creating an environment of psychological safety is critical to building high performing teams and motivated, engaged colleagues. 

 What do our clients say?  

Really well presented. Amazing environment where everyone participates and not afraid to speak their mind". 
She was professional and at the same time made us feel super comfortable and relaxed”. 
"Dan’s work has really challenged our thinking and helped define a clear way forward - thank you". 
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