COVID-19 Notice  

We hope you and your loved ones are doing ok, and like you, we're adjusting to the practical reality of life to keep everyone safe, though we do miss hugs! 
As lockdown eases, the recovery phase will look quite different for many of us. We're reponding by creating engaging online and virtual  
learning experiences and enabling you to buy online too. Check out our 'courses and resources' page to find out what's new.  

 WHAT DO WE DO? Grow your leaders, build better teams and partner on projects.  


We can work with you to accelerate performance, productivity and personal impact through tailored in-house programmes, intensive workshops, transformational coaching and 360 feedback initiatives. 


What if you could enhance your team’s performance by just 10% and easily measure the changes? 
Our team insight events go beyond teambuilding, creating an engaging and thought provoking shared experience, enabling teams to identify where they are strong and where they want to improve; empowering everyone to own the solutions and results.  


Ever wish you had another OD or Learning expert to lean on? From one-off projects to longer term initiatives, we can engage either per project or on a more cost-effective, flexible retainer basis, rolling up our sleeves up and getting things moving for you. 

WHAT’S OUR APPROACH? To learning, development and growth.  

We go beyond training by incorporating your values and supportive beliefs to help shift thinking and enable behaviour change. 
Our practical, blended learning approach incorporates neuroscience, psychology and elements of scrum and agile thinking to accelerate change and shape growth. 
In our experience, the best solutions incorporate internal and external activites to deliver lasting results. 
We often co-design and deliver programmes, weaving-in elements from your initiatives and existing processes to bring learning to life and reinforce consistency across teams and sites. 


We're big fans of clarity and simplicity and follow 3 simple steps to create learning that lasts: 
MEASURE performance,  
ALIGN with expectations and  
DEVELOP capability . 
We follow this 3-step process with every initiative, from an individual coaching package to a 12 month leadership programme to build a clear progress pathway. 


In our quest to grow leadership capability and help people work better together, we believe in putting hard measures on soft skills. 
That means being clear about the problem and desired outcome, knowing where you are now and being realistic about options for getting there in time and on budget. 
It IS all about you. Relationships are at the heart of what we do and to deliver lasting change, we feedback and adjust as we go to give you the best possible outcome. 

DRIVEN BY OUR VALUES  These core principles are at the heart of who we are and what it's like to work with us.  


Leading by example, from trust to transparency. 
We're focused on building excellent client relationships and doing what we say we're going to do. We have a strong moral compass and lead by example; modelling the behaviours you want us to grow in your people. 


Clear and simple for everyone. 
This isn’t our learning initiative, it’s yours. We help you find a simple solution, understand what you really need and what might be getting in the way. We learn your language and build this into every initiative to get results. 

 Making a difference  

To individuals, teams and your organisation. 
This is our purpose. We want to make sure you get the very best from your investment and to know we've shaped leaders and teams to make a positive, lasting impact both at work and beyond.  

 What do our clients say?  

It's not just our expertise that clients’ value, feedback suggests we're great to work with and over 95% of our clients come back to us to partner on future initiatives. 
We are passionate about what we do and it shows in the relationships we build and, most importantly, in the difference we make. 
It’s rare to find a provider who balances high quality, value for money and pragmatism but for us, 42think continually deliver all three 
There are several reasons why we continue to work with Susie and the 42think team, however mutual trust and respect is paramount to this on-going relationship. I know our brand is in good hands, they always take the time to understand our business and have evolved with us to ensure that they always resonate with our colleagues when they are delivering activity on behalf of or with us.” 
The NBS 
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